With pcn.cockpit you benefit from all the advantages of smartPCN for an efficient PCN process. Whether components, assemblies, software or material or auxiliary materials: with smartPCN and pcn.cockpit you edit all PCN for a seamless documentation of product changes. The entire obsolescence management therefore becomes faster, more efficient and safer and can be traced along the entire supply chain. The principle applies to all organisational units and functions such as purchasing, production, maintenance, R&D, design and sales.

Your benefits are:

  • All PCN in one place, in one format
  • Daily information on new PCN
  • Most important information visible at a glance
  • Automated integration of all data and documents
  • Easy connection to ERP systems
  • Efficient and fast processing through workflows involving all relevant departments and contacts
  • Fast generation of new PCN for your customers
  • Simple operation and user-friendly interface
  • High cost savings due to considerable reduction of manual work for PCN capture and maintenance of tables, who has what to do and when.
  • Continuous and complete documentation
  • No disclosure whatsoever of item codes and bills of materials to anyone outside the company

Thanks to pcn.cockpit, you can significantly reduce the business risks that can arise from obsolescence. The lead time from receipt, acquisition and analysis to the corresponding measures is significantly reduced. This means that more time is available for the reaction.

Further details can be found in our current magazine.

pcn.cockpit is available as a commercial product and is used by well-known companies. Depending on your company size and application, we offer different packages and configurations. Access is already possible for less than 1,500€.

We would be pleased to have the opportunity of entering into a dialogue with you regarding a further cooperation in order to get to know the special requirements of your company.

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