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The PCN/PDN management system

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pcn.cockpit allows you to digitize the entire chain of product changes and discontinuations. There are no media gaps (such as email -> filing -> Excel*), all PCNs/PDNs are in the same format in one place and can be viewed by all parties involved at any time.

Our customers often talk about a reduction in the time and effort spent on PCN management of up to 90%!
Duplicates, errors and overlooking things are a thing of the past.

  • Matching of components with all PCNs/PDNs in the pcn.global database or data entered locally thanks to smartPCN and the algorithms in the pcn.cockpit

  • Forwarding of all your incoming PCNs/PDNs to us. Free conversion into the smartPCN format, not only for electronic components, notifications or materials

  • You receive all your PCNs/PDNs as smartPCN centrally via the pcn.cockpit, even if there are no direct matches with your master data

  • Automated and daily reconciliation of the product and change categories relevant to you

  • You are always up to date on which components and assemblies are affected

  • PCNs/PDNs are reopened when components are added to your bills of material affected by these PCNs/PDNs

  • Creation of analysis and/or action workflows on the affected assemblies, modules and products; recipients are notified by email

  • Planning and automated monitoring of all workflows and the resulting tasks

  • Full-text search for any components, processes or terms, including the key data of the pcn.global database

  • Creation of various reports and their export to Excel*

  • Generation of separate smartPCNs for proprietary products if applicable.

*Excel is a product of Microsoft

Every day, pcn.cockpit compares the part numbers provided by you with the corresponding manufacturer number and manufacturer names and checks for matches in the global database..

The number of part numbers to be checked is irrelevant, because the matching is done in your local system and no data leaves your premises. This guarantees an exceptionally high level of safety, speed and flexibility. Detailed information can be found in the documentation.

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Getting started (download PDF)
The brochure (download PDF)
Advantages (download PDF)

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The material compliance & SCIP management system

Product info

The mc.cockpit module supports you when it comes to material compliance.

The calculation and monitoring of any assembly or product based on the material compliance of parts. If your components contain an SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern), this must be reported to ECHA in the SCIP database by your suppliers or by you. This applies to ALL your products containing such substances of very high concern (SVHC) from the candidate list at a concentration of greater than 0.1% by weight (w/w)*.

The aim here is to create consistency across the EU, whether you are an importer, manufacturer, distributor or assembler, and to provide information on the presence of substances of concern throughout the life cycle of products and materials, including at the waste stage. At the end of the chain you have to ensure that the SVHCs that are used have been declared.

As of January 5, 2021, you are required to do this and/or refer to the SCIP reference number.

* weigt by weight

Your benefits

  • Use of different sources for the component data.

  • Automatic query and data transfer from component databases.

  • Your data stays with you, except for the SVHC components, which have to be declared.

  • Manual input of supplier data.

  • Transfer of data from the smartPCN data sets.

  • Automatic reconciliation of reportable components to your ERP/PDM data.

  • Automatic registration of dossiers with ECHA in the SCIP database including its updates.

  • Detect changes, manage alerts, never miss anything and work with the latest information.

Using the three-step process:

  1. Process everything that is required in the SCIP Event Whether it is caused by a new component or by a new/changed product.
  2. The event and the products affected by it are processed in the workspace, and if data is missing it can be added here.
  3. When all data is available, it is submitted to the ECHA database via SCIP Submit.

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 User interface mc.cockpit

Our products at a glance.

Agile implementation of
digital obsolescence management

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  • The various tools can be purchased individually.
  • All your data is stored in a local database at your end and therefore remain confidental.
  • We do not obtain or see any of your data, including information about components, bills of material, data entered or any other information.
  • The direct connection to your IT systems means there are no uploads or updates.
  • When external web services are integrated, the data of purchased components is transmitted, but no bills of material.

Our product brochure, with an overview of all the advantages for you, is available for download here.

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Obsolescence Case Management

Product info

An obsolescence case is the overall activity that results from the summary of individual facts and sources.
Sources are change or discontinuation notices, life cycle and cost risks, material and compliance risks, or other business risks. Identify and select affected objects, merge
existing data and add new findings

  • Define workflows for analyses, measures and monitor
    all activities.

  • Add costs, quantities, delivery schedules and lifecycle data for a complete overview.
  • Record decisions, approvals, and schedules in an audit-compliant way.
  • Share information with the people responsible or other interested parties and receive feedback.


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