PCN Management.
Standardised. Easy. Efficient. benefits


This will now become an issue of the past. We offer you solutions for an easy and efficient PCN Management.


  • Easy and efficient: the pcn.cockpit.
  • A consistent source, free of duplicates: the
  • Independency of manufacturer or distributor.
  • One standard format: smartPCN.
  • Automatic transfer of data and information of the smartPCN.
  • Automatic BOM monitoring - without BOM upload.
  • Direct analysing and starting of workflows – everything in one tool.
  • All data and information stay within your company
  • Convenient handling, full overview – the pcn.cockpit.

smartPCN: the new, machine readable standard of COG Deutschland e.V. created for an standardised and automatic exchange of all kinds of product modifications and terminations (PCN).

pcn.cockpit: the smartPCN management system the smartPCN database


  October 17, 2017
 12,360 PCN
 668,302 parts




We are a business partner of the COG Component Obsolescence Group Germany e.V.

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